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All people start their evolutionary journey through the perinatal level as a write off canvas that may be moulded through their life span; over time various influential elements within their world influence and shape the person who they are to be. There are some discovered defining factors effecting child development which might be presented, coming from variations within present diverse world and can be bass speaker divided into five main groups, being physical, social, emotional, sexual and cultural aspects. All of these factors impact our lives and upon each other, hence in turn surrounding how we develop through internalisation of activities and the responses that are provoked. Most advocates of child expansion agree that there are stages to become observed when looking at the mental and physical development of a young child; these particular stages can be seen since universal throughout cultures and sexes. There are five sub categories when looking at a child's development and although many of these are age guided, not all children reach the same location at the same time, none do they will systematically attain each level by a specific age, even though are attained in order, they are there intended for guidance purposes only. The five recognized areas a child builds up are physical, intellectual, sociable, emotional and language The first stage which has been known as by cognitive psychologist Jean Piaget because the Sensorimotor stage includes the age cover anything from birth to 2 years old. This is the age range when the many dramatic and primary changes happen, with the baby transitioning from being entirely dependent upon a carer for all those sources of all their welfare and development, to exercising an extremely limited way of communicating to others their wants as they come to be becoming a pretty able bodied toddler who are able to more often than not workout their autonomy through singing and physical display's of preference. During the sensorimotor stage a child understands about the earth around them throughout the 5 detects,...

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