Explore How Steinbeck Gives the Relationship Between George and Lennie

 Explore How Steinbeck Gives the Relationship Between George and Lennie Essay

In classic fairytales, strige are man eating critters. The royal prince usually protects the little princess and they live happily at any time after. 18. 10. 10 The main designs in a classic fairytale are always either based on Romance/Magic & Evil. The key elements often are the antagonist (the bad guy), the protagonist (The good guy) and generally sometimes the helper. In traditional fairytales the villain, the leading part and the helper are often stereotypical, take Cinderella for example the princess is nice hearted, fabulous, nice and kind. The prince is always generally handsome, charming, brave and wealthy The film ‘Shrek' begins in a traditional method by using the most common phrase ‘Once upon a time' which gives you a good idea that the film has used some traditional keyword phrases. Well you will be able to tell by the beginning scene that ‘Shrek' is different to a traditional fairytale about how it displays Shrek carrying out his individual thing. Shrek is very not like a unoriginal prince. Shrek is a great Ogre which will straight away places a picture in your mind of such as a dirty, scary and unattractive and also could possibly be the enemy. The background music when we 1st meet Shrek is a contrapuntal sound. It shouldn't really match the things he was doing. For instance , when Shrek is in a mud bathtub. The music gave you a happy/exciting feeling and quite a good/bad impression; it also sets the mood throughout the field. Shrek poises the villagers in the film. On this field you see Shrek as a hazardous monster, which will looks unattractive and also extremely angry; with his loud uncooked he scares away the villagers. How Shrek functions, it makes out that he is extremely violent and aggressive and also the he could harm the villagers. Inside the scene while using villagers, an in depth up is utilized to show the detail of Shrek's face and how large he looks and what he truly looks like close-up. I do think Shrek is a unoriginal ogre at this time because he matches with his personality well on how a scary, evil person he at times can be. The moment Shrek fulfills Fiona he drags her...

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