Chanel Analysis Swot, 6 P's

 Chanel Analysis Swot, 6 P’s Composition

GAC002 Assessment Event 4: Educational Reseacher Dissertation

The Fast Food Industry

Present student's Name: Alexandra


Teacher: Lynken Ghose

Due Date: Aug 27th 2012

Word Count: 1162

Word Count: 979

Student's Identity: Alexandra

College student ID: QING21632

Teacher: Lynken Ghose

Due Date: August 26th 2012

Phrase Count: 1162

Word Rely: 979

Problem: Define the concept of " quickly food”. Just how has junk food affected the meals industry in China? Has it become a more widespread or significantly less prevalent pressure? Would you declare its influence has been positive or unfavorable? Please will not offer simply a simplistic response such as – " positive” or " negative”. Provide specific factors including moral implications, economic implications, and health impact etc . of fast food.

With the pace of life accelerating, people significantly depend on junk food. Many people prefer to consume fast food instead of cook by themselves, because junk food is more hassle-free and period – conserving. In my opinion, persons should not depend on fast food a lot of because fast food's effects has been negative, as junk food has endangered people's well being, family existence, traditional lifestyle, and has even caused ecological in order to the environment. Firstly, the safety of fast food substances is really a worry. During the last a long period, more and more security problems of fast food have already been exposed by the media. For example , many eating places add way too many preservatives to fast food to be able to maintain the quality of meals, or they will added differing additives to enrich the taste and look of meals. It is really bad for people's health insurance and many kinds of preservatives and additives are subject to blastomogens, just like tonyred, leavening agent, benzoyl peroxide, and so on. In addition , in order to reduce expense, more and more restaurants choose to use poor seasonings. For instance , industrial sodium instead of ready-to-eat salt is utilized as flavoring. It is proven to us all that the main ingredient of industrial salt is...

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