Thinking and Task Satisfaction

 Attitudes and Job Satisfaction Essay

Section 3:

General attitudes predict general tendencies 3. Availability

Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

Attitudes: Evaluative Statements (fav. or unfav) about things, people or perhaps events " I like my personal job” – Attitude regarding my job Components of Attitude: 1 . Intellectual I are overloaded Some of or perhaps belief in the manner things are Opinion / perception segment installment payments on your Affective We hate this job More critical element of attitude Psychological or sense segment in the attitude 3. Behavioral My spouse and i am trying to find another job Intention to behave within a certain way towards someone or something Very interdependent components. Esp Cognition and Affect installment payments on your Major Work Attitudes 1 . Job Satisfaction Positive feeling about a job resulting from an evaluation of its features Job Participation Degree where people identify psychologically with the job+ consider perceived overall performance level as self-worth Psychological Empowerment – employee's perception in the level to which he is impacting on the work environment, their competence, meaningfulness of job and perceived autonomy

Memory-easy access-predicts our patterns We remember attitudes we all express typically 4. Existence of sociable pressures

Non Smoker working in Tobacco manufacturer 5. Direct Experience with the attitude

A-B bond will be much stronger with direct personal exp

Eg: Asking college students about function pressure would not give considerable results

Leon Festinger

Conventional thought: Actions are always presumed to follow by attitude Challenged by Leon Festinger – Attitudes follow behavior (eg: using a car you despised because you are forces to improvements your attitude about the car)

High amounts of JI and RAPID CLIMAX PREMATURE CLIMAX, leads to reduced absences and lower yield rates 3. Organizational Determination 3 independent dimensions: a. b. c. Affective Standing; permanence stability Normative

Intellectual Dissonance When an individual faces incompatibility throughout components of frame of mind or between attitude and behavior or attitudes the normal man tendency should be to reduce this incompatibility and seek a well balanced state (minimum of dissonance*) *dissonance – means incongruity/disagreement


• Emotional Add-on to Organzn (ALLEGIANCE) • Perceived economic value of continuous with the Organzn • Accountability to remain due to moral/ethical causes OBLIGATION

Persons want to have a consistency among their behaviour and patterns. 2 methods employed: 1 ) Change their very own attitude as well as behavior


2 . Build a rationale to get the disparity Eg: Cigarette Workers whom do not smoke cigarettes Desire to decrease Dissonance depends on: 1 . installment payments on your 3. Importance Influence Returns


DETRAS: Perceived Corporation Support

Level to which workers believe that the • • Org. values their contribution and likes you their well-being

Moderating Parameters of perceptions relations:

1 ) Importance of the Attitude Significant attitudes reflect our important values Demonstrate a strong regards to behavior 2 . Correspondence to behavior

Worker Engagement:

Relatively recent concept Engagement with, pleasure with, and enthusiasm intended for work Engaged employees possess a deep commitment, although disengaged staff put simply time and zero energy/attention to work

Particular attitudes predict specific patterns

Namith Najeeb – PGP -15 -028

Job Pleasure

Positive perception of a job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics 2 approaches to measuring JS: 1 . Single Global Score 1 a couple of 3 some 5

Final results of Pleasure & Dissatisfaction

Job Fulfillment & Work Performance Content Workers > Perform don't a fantasy anymore, has become proved empirically Org. with more satisfied staff perform better Job Pleasure & OCB Organizational Nationality Behavior Pleased talk +ve about the corporation, help others and do more Fairness perception – supplying back the goodness they received Job Satisfaction & Customer Satisfaction Happy employees enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty Worker morale falls – product sales effected


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