BEH225 Week 5

BEH225 Week 5 06.09.2019
 BEH225 Week 5 Dissertation

Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Trait and Social learning are the four main ideas of personality that are frequently studied today. These four theories are mainly used in analysis tests that individuals use. As we know, a person's individuality is one of the main traits that separate all of us from one one more. There are not any two people with the same people in the world. Our experiences even as get older is said to continue to affect how our personas evolve and alter as the time goes by.

The psychodynamic theory can be described as psychological approach where the persona assessment will be based upon measuring the unconscious thought, feelings, and the human purposes. Using the interview methods assists assess a person with projective testing and private interviews. Most information gathered from these tests and interviews are used for researches, education, etc . The psychodynamic theory is also utilized to measure issues and limits problems through the early life (Morris & Maisto, 2010).

Using the objective test and the private interviews to asses every person is an example of the techniques used with humanistic theory. This theory is usually believed that the individual's character thrives toward personal expansion and a higher level00 functioning (Morris & Maisto, 2010). Another theory is definitely the trait theory, which is considered to be related to long term dispositions in each person. The trait theory is believed to support that many individual has their own own features that units us apart. Finally, your fourth theory is definitely the Social learning theory. This kind of theory is believed to thrive from our past reinforcement and punishment.

After taking personality test out, my outcome was as adopted: Extroverted (E) 62. 86% Introverted (I) 37. 14%

Sensing (S) 62. five per cent Intuitive (N) 37. 5%

Feeling (F) 51. 43% Thinking (T) 48. 58%

Judging (J) 62. 16% Perceiving (P) 37. 84%

Your type is:  ESFJ

ESFJ - " Seller". Many sociable of all types. Nurturer of harmony. Outstanding number or hostesses. 12. 3% of total...