Augustus the General

 Augustus the overall Essay

Newspaper 2: Face of Augustus

Megan Wilson

Indiana Wesleyan University

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Professor Giles


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Paper two: Portrait of Augustus


The " Face of Augustus as General from Primaporta” sculpture is definitely a interesting piece of art. The sculpture got thier name from the town where it had been found (Kinard, 2008). Augustus appears to be directed in a basic direction like he is providing a speech. Augustus appears to be incredibly young and looks almost perfect. He has a very content material yet demanding look upon his encounter like he's trying to make a point about some thing. The uniform that Augustus is wearing provides intricate and detailed art work on it. The top half of the homogeneous has a landscape on it as well as the bottom half looks like a skirts. There is a bed sheet that is wrapped around his hips and hangs above his left. He is having a staff in his right hands and it is quite easy and darker in color. He features one lower leg slightly curved as if he's going to take a step. In the other leg there is a baby that is getting up to Augustus. The baby seems to be on a dolphin that is coming up out if the base with the statue.

The muscles in the arms and legs are defined in great depth. The baby is likewise defined and appears to be fat. The fine detail on his deal with makes him appear age-less and almost god-like. His hair is described you can see the lines inside the hair and so they make this appear somewhat messy. The uniform displays the landscape of...

Discuss the causes of the Dutch revolt against Spain. What were the outcomes for the emerging power of England? Composition